Who we are

Black & Biscuit is a creative studio and a production house based in Prague. We focus mainly on audiovisual production and new media/interactive projects.

What we do

Our portfolio includes developing and coding interactive environments, museum expositions and engineering showpieces and environment prototypes.

We cooperate with professionals in the field of advanced technologies, engineering and design. We implement new media and interactive approach into commercial presentation.

We provide production base for video shootings, photo shootings with overlaps in postproduction and preproduction.

We have great experience with 3D postproduction and consider it as one of our biggest strengths.


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Where we stay

Čelakovského sady 432/12
110 00 Praha 1


How many chickens we eat in one second?

year 2015


This exhibits shows the consumption of different types of commodities in the Czech Republic. Visitor picks up a commodity and sees the visualization of a conveyor belt with the food on it. By the handle and manual movement visitor makes the belt move. The task is to find the right speed that represents the consumption of each commodity in our country in one second.